Age: 55

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Resides in: Milwaukee, WI

Favorite Designers: Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Ricky Owens, Vivian Westwood

Style Icon: Iman, Jessica Alba, Zendaya

Favorite past Project Runway Designer: Mondo Guerra, Austin Scarlett, Dom Streater


After working as a TV news reporter for 15 years, Linda left the business to raise a family, but felt a need to tell stories through her designs. This self-taught designer uses her age and life experience to create relatable designs for women, and is constantly drawing inspiration from the culture around her. Linda loves to work with natural materials like cotton, light wools and silk, and loves black, white, blue and green hues.


Why she’ll win?

Linda brings a different perspective to the competition. While she may be older than her competitors, and hasn’t been classically trained, Linda finds inspiration in her life experiences and uses that to her advantage.